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Why MoonFly

MoonFly is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token with 3 crucial functions: Reflection,Burn and Automatic LP.

Features of MoonFly Finance

Liquidity Provision

This LP system has been created in order to reward holders looking for a long-term consistent profit from Moonlight. Here, the tax is taken from transactions to increase the Lp in the pool and create a very solid floor for price. Also, it would provide a solid shock price absorber if whales choose to take intermittent profit. This would stand as a support for supplied LP, and increase total LP by adding the tax to the overall LP.


Earn passive income by just being part of $MoonFly. DeFi is still in it’s “Early stages”, and as a result of this, most DeFi Applications are difficult to use. Due to the fact that the interface is usually too complex to understand for the lay person, technical knowledge is required. A large percentage of users find it excruciatingly difficult to navigate the platform, and that is why we have come up with a solution to that problem. All holders of MoonFly get a weighted distributed part of the 5% tax on every transaction. This way, as an holder, you don’t need to manually stake; the funds automatically move directly into your wallet.


MoonFly deflationary system is unlike any other. With a total supply of 5 trillion MoonFly, and dev tokens burned immediately after launch, every transaction on the MoonFly blockchain attracts a 5% tax. This means that every time a transaction is made using MoonFly, a 5% tax is charged on the transaction and divided between holders, the burn address, and MoonFly locked liquidity for community development, there’s no limit to the burn as the black hole/burn wallet will keep growing. We believe it is the best option as this smart burn deflationary system would cause an exponential decrease in the available MFL tokens and cause even more exponential increase in the value of MFL tokens.

Governance Token

MoonFly is a community driven project. With ownership renounced, The fate of MoonFly is completely dependent on it’s brilliant ecosystem and thriving community. As an holder of $MFL, you have a say in how the project is run. In the near future, it will be used in decision making for things like the MLG dex exchange, mobile wallet, and NFT marketplace.

MoonFly Charity

MoonFly would be dedicating 10% of token supply solely to charity funding. MoonFly would be involved in sponsoring and working with NGOs like conservation NGOs, peace and human rights as well as Child Sponsorship Organizations and many more as long as there is an opportunity to help MoonFly will be willing to be involved.






Token Allocation

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